Preparing for our Professional Experience

Congratulations goes to our EDC3100 teaching staff this week for providing learning material that is extremely relevant to our fast approaching professional experience.  This week’s information was informative and I have to agree with Jenni Brown who has remarked that even though this is not our first professional experience, ” it is the first time we have been provided with detailed information on the types of feedback and evidence we should collect for our portfolios”.  From this week’s learning path, I have been able to organise my professional experience folder including forms labelled and copied and I know understand which forms goes where.

Jenni Brown’s latest blog has also directed her readers to another website, Practicum online,  which assist students to prepare for professional experience. Like Jenni, I found this website interesting and helpful.  For me, I loved the idea of the checklists.  As a busy mother of 3 children, going on professional experience entails much more planning than just planning for your new class.  Other things have to be arranged including:

  • Someone to get children to school
  • Someone to collect after school finishes (often a friend or sometimes having to pay someone) and look after them until you arrive home
  • Arranging to get children to after school sports
  • Collecting from after school sports
  • Finances – rearranging money matters as there is one less income during this time
  • Purchasing suitable clothing
  • Purchasing resources
  • Organising blue card
  • Arranging travel – timetables etc
  • Meal arrangements – cooking in advance to help with organisation at mealtimes

I use checklists all the time.  I have to.  It helps me to be organised.  My checklists used to be done on a piece of paper, however in keeping up with the times, they are now done on my iphone of course.  Where would we be without technology to make our life easier.  If only I could get it to cook dinner.   Thanks Jenni for the great link.



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