Planning for Learning

Week 8 is almost at an end, as is the assignment 2 for EDC3100.  I must admit that this assignment has challenged my thinking but I can take heart that I am not alone in my challenge. Fellow student MissKyra has also reflected on the struggles she is facing with this assignment and Mrsamarkham has used her blog to reflect on her feelings at the beginning of assessment tasks.   Persistence is paying off though.  I can now look at the assignment and be proud of what I have achieved, knowing that there is no way I could have planned a series of learning experience like these previously.

Designing a unit plan of 3-5 weeks that integrates ICTs shouldn’t be that hard, right?  However; it’s not just about integrating better ICTs, but more about integrating ICTs for better learning. This reflection on my behalf, links with a sentence I found in article by Alan November, in his article ‘Don’t plan for technology; plan for learning’.

Just as a better pencil will not lead to improved learning, “better technology” might not, either.

I think this sentence resonates with what this particular university course is trying to teach us.  It’s not the technology that you use that makes the difference, it’s how you use it that counts.


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