The Proof is in the BLOGGING

Once again, twitter has come to my rescue with a link to an inspirational article by Michelle Lampinen titled Blogging in the 21st Century.  In order to get her students to write more, Michelle decided to introduce them to weekly blogging.

From her endeavours Michelle has discovered many benefits.

    • Student writing improved by leaps and bounds
    • Their improved skills transferred to formal work
    • Persuasive writing improved
    • Introverted students tend to share more on-line than in person
    • Students enjoy writing for an authentic audience

Blogging allows students to be creative, to use their own voice without the feeling of being rejected or ridiculed. It also allows students who may sometimes fall into the cracks, open up and voice their opinions.  The proof IS in the blogging.

Michelle’s blog reinforces the benefits of blogging for both students and teachers and brings up some points that our EDC3100 subject has been bringing to our attention.



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PLN to Wallwisher

Ok, I have to admit.  I was a huge sceptic when it came to Twitter however I am beginning to see the benefits.  I used Twitter to search for inspiration for my latest blogs, but found something more thanks to one of the people I follow.

This blog by Steven Anderson – “Formative Assessments are easier than you think” has provided some great ideas for formative assessments.  Steven offers examples which for me is fantastic.  I often hear of these fantastic apps / programs, but can’t picture how they would turn out in a real-life classroom.

I had a go at one of these which I thought looked interesting after reading the informtion that Steven put up.  Wallwisher is an on-line corkboard and was easy to use.  This is one I could see being used in a variety of ways.  I love it.  What do you think?