Visuals made easy with ‘easelly’

Slowly but surely the writers block is disappearing or maybe it is just that the assignment is becoming a little clearer.  I am finding it VERY challenging as creativity is not one of my best points.   However it will receive my best shot.

During my endless investigation for creative on-line applications, I have stumbled across a website program –  The website allows you to create and share visual ideas via a drag and drop system.  I have created the poster below using a template which I modified.  The drag and drop options were fairly easy even for a mature aged person like myself.

This program requires you to register, but is free which is a bonus.  It can be embedded into blogs, websites or similar.  Might be a useful idea for assignments.  One point worth mentioning is that I had to use the program through google chrome and not explorer.  The reasons for this, I will leave to the ICT guru’s.
In my opinion, this program is student friendly and may provide another option for creating and presenting ideas.

4 thoughts on “Visuals made easy with ‘easelly’

  1. I’m really interested in your experience with, Michelle, as I had considered using it myself. Your poster looks professional .
    I, too, wonder about the use of different browsers. Not quite up to understanding this yet. Were you trying to embed this into anything afterwards, or was this the final product? (It looks good enough to be, just wondering if you were incorporating it into something else?)

    • Hi.
      Thanks for you comments. I was trying to embed the poster into my weebly for the assignmentwhich I could by copying the embed code, but the poster was massive. I could only see 1/4 of the poster it was so big. I tried playing around with it by to reducing the size, but couldn’t manage to shrink it. Mind you, it could have been my problem being midnight. I ended up saving it to paint and reducing the size. So yes, this is the finished product, however the original version which can be viewed directly is much clearer. Still the program is worth using.

  2. Hi Michelle,

    I read on someone else’s blog that they found difficult to use (forget who now), so it’s interesting that you found the opposite. Keep up the great work!


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